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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

I must agree with the person who posted a message to Jewishgen
complaining that often messages get posted and when one replies
the person does not get the answer because their spam programme or
provider has deleted the answer.

I am finding it increasingly frustrating as well. I take time and
trouble to reply and then the enquirer appears not to have received
the response. It is up to anyone posting a message to make sure that
they have programmed their Emails so that they can receive the replies.
Marvin has sent me 3 messages like the one below and I have replied
to him twice. I think that a few researchers really believe that I am
employed to work full time for them and that is not the case as I do
this on a voluntary basis. Anyhow now that I have aired my
frustrations I will answer the request.

As you know surnames were not compulsory until 1835 (in the Russian
Empire.) Prior to that surnames were taken by some Jews at the end of
the 17thc and early 1800's but they may not have been put on the
stones. I agree that it is difficult without a surname. You can still
see if there is any further information on the stone that may be
helpful and failing that the best you can do is to ask the Archivists
to see if they can help if you feel you have found a a family member.

Arlene Beare

Subject: Re: Jekabpils cemetery photos
From: MarvinLebow@...
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 13:54:50 -0500
X-Message-Number: 2


I've seen the Jekabpils cemetery list. Most of the stones have only
first (given) names, no surnames. It's difficult to make connections
having just given names and dates. Do you have any suggestions for
interpreting such limited information?

Marvin Lebow
(Seeking: Leibowitz, Danilovitz)
e-mail: marvinlebow@...

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