Re: Lodgings in Riga #latvia


I stayed in Riga in June 2004, and since I wanted to stay in the Old City
[much more picturesque, interesting] and since all the hotels were full at
the time [none of the hotels are very large in Riga's Old City], I was able
to rent a very adequate furnished apartment for myself and 2 others. Kitchen
was equipped with appliances, washer and dryer even had detergent. It was
immaculately clean. Can't remember how I found it - through the Riga tourist
board I think, on the internet. They sent me several options, with digital
photos of the buildings. As I remember, it cost less than hotel would have.

Good luck!

Lisa Newman
Toronto, Canada

Subject: Lodgings in Riga
From: joan goldstein <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 15:11:25 +0300

I am planning a trip to Riga for the last week of June.
I would appreciate suggestions for clean quiet lodgings.

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