Herman and Deborah Fox, Maurice Moses (Moshe) Flax #latvia


My great grandfather Herman FOX left Latvia/Lithuania in the 1880s and
settled in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1886. He eventually was named
Honorary Life President of the Belfast Hebrew Congration. We do not
know Herman’s original surname or where he came from.

We believe Herman was accompanied to Ireland by his second wife, a widow
named Deborah/Dora FLAX FOX >from Riga and their new-born son Bernard
Joshua FOX who was born in 'Russia' in 1885 and eventually became Recorder
of Belfast. Deborah had four daughters and one son >from her previous
marriage to Maurice (Moshe) Moses FLAX. We think at least some of their
children were born in Riga. We do not know her maiden name.

Family lore has it that Deborah's first husband, Maurice Moses FLAX, was
a Chazan in a Shul, possibly in Riga, and that he dropped dead of a heart
attack in the Shul on Sim Chat Torah on the Bima. I suspect that event
occurred in the early 1880s. If anyone has any connection with these
names or these events, I would appreciate hearing >from them.

Thank you, Margot Fox, New York
Researching FOX and FLAX >from possibly Riga, Zagare and Siauliai

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