Tickets from Riga to Warsaw #latvia

robert goldstein at netv <robertg@...>

We purchased tickets on airBaltic to fly >from Riga to Warsaw the evening
of June 30, 2006. Our plans have changed and we have discovered that the
tickets are non-refundable. Only the date or the names can be changed.
I would like to sell these tickets at a greatly reduced rate.

Please contact me privately.

Joan Goldstein

Joan Moskowitz Goldstein
Jerusalem, Israel (formerly New York City)
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Researching descendants of :
GUTMAN, BASCH of =A0Siemiatycze of=A0=A0 Bialystok region of Grodno Gubernia
(now Poland).
MORSCHOVITZ, RABINOWITZ of Glazmanka (Gostini)=A0 Vitebsk Gubernia (now

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