Conte di Savoia - arrived NY 17.09.1936 - Passenger Manifest #latvia

K. & L. Bertelsen <layakbtl@...>

Dear fellow Researchers

I have recently found reference to some of my late maternal GM's paternal
first cousins >from Libau, Lativa, who arrived in NY, possibly all on the
same sailing of the Conte di Savoia which arrived in NY on 17th September
1936. I have repeatedly tried to get access to this manifest via a
commercial genealogical site, but although I have registered, for some
unknown reason I cannot get any further into their online DB.

I definitely know that Henry ARONIS (possibly listed as Henri ARNOIS) and
possibly his Mother, Estere ARONIS/ARNOIS, and one of his brothers, Salje
(listed on the SSDI as Sally) ARONIS and Salje's wife, Lydia Cohen ARONIS,
also arrived in NY on the Conte di Savoia. Also, another brother/cousin
also may have travelled on that ship - John ARONIS (listed possibly as John
ARONES). Additionally, there are several other ARONIS passengers
(definitely not Greek) who also travelled on the Conte di Savoia, but
disembarked in Boston. However, I do not know if they all arrived on the
Conte di Savoia on the same voyage.

The Conte di Savoia only travelled between Europe and USA for a few years

I very much would like to find out if Henry travelled alone (I already have
his naturalization documents, etc.), or if his widowed
Mother/brother/s/cousins, sister-in-law, etc. travelled on different
sailings of the Conte di Savoia.

Although I could apply for Salje ARONIS' naturalization papers, I didn't
want to do this until I knew how many of the ARONIS family actually managed
to get to USA (and thus survived). Of course Estere, Henry, Salje and
Lydia all died before I finally "found them", but it is remotely possible
that Salje (and John?) and perhaps some of the family who might have
travelled to Boston, might have had children. Henry never married. These
are my late GM's only known paternal cousins who might have survived.

I would be very appreciative if anyone with a subscription to the
well-known commercial genealogical DB, and would be willing to do a look-up
for me.

Many many thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder

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