Updated Latvian Genealogy Guide #latvia

Elsebeth Paikin

Jewish Ancestors?
A Guide to Jewish Genealogy
in Latvia & Estonia
ISBN: 0-9537669-9-3 (144 pages - paperback)
Price: =A36.75 (UK) - =A38.95 (Overseas) prices include postage
Published by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain =AD June 2006
Written by Arlene Beare

This is the eighth publication in the Jewish=20
Ancestors series published by the JGSGB. The=20
intention is to provide an insight into Jewish=20
genealogy in the former Russian Empire with=20
special reference to the laws governing Jews in=20
the Baltic countries of Latvia and Estonia.=20
Subjects include a brief history of Latvia,=20
information on archival research inside and=20
outside Latvia, conscription, emigration, the=20
Holocaust in Latvia including Rumbula memorial,=20
cemeteries, museums and libraries. The internet=20
section has been updated with useful URLs and=20
details of databases on the net. There is a short=20
guided tour of what Jewish sites to see when=20
visiting Riga and includes a number of maps and=20
coloured pictures. A listing of Jewish Firms in=20
Riga in 1891 has many names and addresses.

The Estonian section includes a short history of=20
the Country, archives and resources, Holocaust,=20
Jewish schools and education, bibliography and references

The author, Arlene Beare, is a past Chairman of=20
the JGSGB Latvian Special Interest Group and Past=20
President of Jewishgen Latvia SIG. She is the=20
Latvia SIG's co-ordinator of the Jewishgen Latvia=20
Database and has extensive knowledge of research in this part of the world.

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