Gordin from Riga and pictures from Riga #latvia

Eilat Gordin Levitan

Dear All,

My grandfather was Solomon GORDIN ( born in Rokiskis in 1891 to a
family >from the Dvinsk area). He was the son of Zalman GORDIN And
Frida ( maiden name unknown) . The GORDIN family moved >from the
Rezkane/ Dvinsk area to Riga c 1902. My grandfather had two brothers;
Aharon and Lova ( both died in Riga) and two sisters; Berta and Musia.
I was able to find some of their children in Riga last summer. I am
looking for information about other members of the GORDIN family and
about the family of the brother of Frida GORDIN who moved >from Riga
to Berlin c 1920s' and owned a fur business. The family perished in
the holocaust, I creatEd a site for the GORDIN family and riga with
many pictures. You could find it at www.eilatgordinlevitan.com
Thank you very much,
Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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