Re: Sending Money Order to Latvia #latvia

David Edelman <pappapeach@...>

Dear Carol;
I have ordered a few things >from the Latvian Archives. They will also
take a personal check, at a slightly higher fee but since this extra
amount is about equal to, or less then what you would pay to buy one
of those money orders, I have done that instead. (I had the same
problem of trying to buy the money order.)
I have not bought anything >from them for a couple of years now, so I
am not certain if they still do this now, but see what they say in the
"payments" section. See also if you could simply "charge it" to some
card, if you want.
David Edelman,
San Francisco.

On 11/3/06, CRomRider@... <CRomRider@...> wrote:
I found an interesting marriage record in the database for LatviaSig.
The Latvian State Historical Archives in Riga has requested payment
in the form of a postal money order.
The US Post Office does NOT make money orders payable to Latvia.

What type of money order is acceptable to the archive? I would like
to send the correct form of payment the first time, and thereby avoid
Murphy's Law as usual...............

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