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I wonder if any of the survivors of the Riga ghetto know about the fate of
Ruth KOSSMAN (nee BRENSON), Robert BRENSON, Ellen MELZER (nee BRENSON) and
her husband Yakov MELZER, and their six-year old son Alex MELZER. I know
they did not survive, I don't know whether they committed suicide (Ellen was
a doctor and had access to poison or were killed in one of the Actions. Ruth,
Ellen, and Robert were offspring of doctor Isidor BRENSON (Issidorus BRENNSOHN),
historian of medicine and author of biographical dictionaries "The Doctors
of Courland," "The Doctors of Livland," "The Doctors of Estland (Estonia)",
resources well known to many users of JewishGen...
First of all thanks for letting us see Brennsohn family photos and letting
us know that Isidor Brennsohn published biographical dictionaries not only
about medical doctors in Latvia (Courland and Livland) but also of Estonia.

To get answers about the fate of his daughter Ellen Melzer I would contact
the P. Stradina Medical History Museum in Riga on Antonijas iela 1, Riga

This museum has a good medical library and a lot of material about medical
doctors in Latvia. I repeatedly used this library and got some additional
help >from Mrs. Danusewitch in 2002.

Evelyn Waldstein

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