Riga, 1939-1940 #latvia

Bea <blspabas@...>

Not knowing enough, I have begun reading more about Latvia, Riga's Jewish
population, Stalin, and Hitler, for the period of 1939-1940 in particular.

It is possible my ancestors/relatives were not victims of the 1941 Nazi
holocaust, but of the killings and/or deportations by Stalin's regime during
1940-1941, before the Nazis arrived. The family and I just don't know -
yet. All we have to go on is that last letter received >from Riga, dated
January 1940.

I wondered if one's ancestors suffered any of the Soviet's killings,
torture, imprisonment, deportation to Siberia or Asia or elsewhere, if it
has been at all possible to ascertain this in some way by means of archived
Soviet documents that may have only come to light quite recently, and if so
how can one be sure what really happened to their Jewish ancestors of Riga
after the beginning of 1940?

Also, do you think it is now possible, in 2007, to find out if one's
ancestors could have survived after having been deported, and if so, how
would one go about searching for survivors >from Siberia or indeed other
places beyond Siberia? Which organisations would be the ones to contact
first, assuming if there were any family members who survived that until
today nobody knew about or heard any news about them before now? Do you
think the Latvian (Jewish) archives would be able to help with such details
when I write to them, or should I expect them to not know, or, could they,
do you think, be able to confirm last known dates "Mr x who lived at y
address" in Riga was...?

By the way I have already written to the International Red Cross 2 months
ago and hope in due course to get a response whatever it may be.

Thanks for your help again.

B. Shiel (blspabas@btinternet.com)


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