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The Latvian State Archive at Bezdeligu Street 1 keeps some KGB files.
Their e-mail: (at least it was in 2003). A few
years ago I e-mailed them asking what they had about specific members
of my family.

They sent a list of the files and their size, along with the cost for
copies. I believe there was also a requirement to provide proof of
relationship to the person being researched. But there are documents
available. They are, of course, in Russian and the files can be very

Probably the best way to get to them is to go to Riga personally.

The Latvian Historical Archives also has some documents that cover what
you are asking about. The House registers can be used to trace the
residence of people, and can indicate deportations, I think.

I know that the researcher at the archives was able to give me
deportation dates and locations >from sources that they had. They
have records of Soviet Extraordinary State Commission as well as
several other lists of victims >from that time.

I would recommend writing to them first, as they may very well be able to
confirm a last known address, and may have more information that will

The contact for them is

As far as finding survivors, so far my only success has been through the
Internet. I have genealogical material posted on a website and a =
distant relative living in Israel found it several years ago. He directed
me to his family still living in Riga. This family survived everything, though
several members were killed and others deported, and returned to Riga.
So you could get lucky that way!

Hope this helps.

Betsy Thal Gephart

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