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Evelyn Waldstein

"Bea" <blspabas@...>asked:
is possible my ancestors/relatives were not victims of the 1941 Nazi
holocaust, but of the killings and/or deportations by Stalin's regime during
1940-1941, before the Nazis arrived yet. All we have to go on is that last
letter received >from Riga, dated January 1940.

The answer is Yes (to some extent).
The Latvian Archives published in 1995 several volumes with lists of people
deported or otherwise repressed in 1941-1953 ("Represeto Saraksts,
1941-1953"). I managed to buy the first two volumes relevant to mass
deportation of people on June 14, 1941.

The main information appears in a Table form for each person in the
following order:

1. Number; 2. Family Head Surname and patronymic: 3. Date of Birth; 4.
Address; 5. Date of deportation (14.06.1941); 6. Place of resettlement; 7.
Date of death; 8. Date of release; 9. File number.

Knowing the Surname, it is possible to find whether the person and people
living with him at the same address have been deported >from a certain town
or some other place knowing its geographical location (i.e. district).

To make it easier to use the lists which has not been published in an
alphabetical order, I prepared my own Excel alphabetical spreadsheets
allowing to In find people according to their number on the Tables.

The vol 2. shows the names and fate of 3941 Riga residents. Each person
appears on the list under his own number. People living at the same address
appear as clusters. The nationality has not been defined. Jewish deportees
can be easily sorted out according to their Surname, name and/or patronymic.
For people with a common surname it is advisable to know their address or
family composition.

The data for Jewish residents of Riga are leading to certain conclusions I
do not wish to go into this message. They are interesting on itself and need
a broader discussion.

In addition there are other more recent publications helping to find data
about certain groups of people in Latvia. Again this might be a theme of
another reply at Latvian SIG.

Evelyn Waldstein.

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