Researching MUSHIN and FAGELMANS #latvia

Annette Stolberg <annettes@...>

PLEASE DO remember to write all SURNAMES in capital letters!
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I have done in the below=) - and mistakes might happen...


The MUSHIN family originated in Druja. Some left for Palestine, and
some went to Minsk Gubernia, and others may have settled in
Dokshitsy. I am researching a branch of the MUSHIN family which was
founded either by Tsvi or Abraham (Avram). Names that might be found
are : Ruvane ,Leah and Channa.

The FAGELMANs were >from Dokshitsy. Chaim married Leah MUSHIN and
their son Samuel was born in 1897. There might have been a Channa
FAGELMAN in this family also. Leah, son Samuel (Shepsa?) and Efraim
came to Ellis Island on the Vaderland, sailing >from Antwerp, and
arrived in Ellis Island on April 8th, 1902. Sam's Petitions of
Naturalization state that he sailed >from Hamburg, but I haven't been
able to find the family sailing >from Hamburg. I'm not sure how to
make Hamburg the port of departure when they're listed on an Antwerp
manifest. Any ideas how I can confirm Hamburg?
Thank you.

Annette Stolberg
Rochester, NY

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