Re: site: the victims of political terror in USSR #galicia

Barbara Krueger <bkrue@...>

The google translation page has a problem or it is in the original
coding. When you go on the "B" page you get "W" and several other
letters are also messed mis-coded. Perhaps you can send another
email when it is fixed - I'm looking for Bortz, Ballonoff, Melamud
and Tarakan or Targon.

Barbara Krueger
Del Mar, CA

BORTZ, BALLANOFF, PALONOV, LIN, OFFSEY: Dvinsk, Daugavpils, Dunaberg,
Riga, Minsk
COHEN, BORTZ: Wieda(WUDA?), Koeningsberg/Kaliningrad, Riga,
MELAMUD, MELAMUT: Kharkiv, Ukraine/Russia
TARAKAN, TARGON, MELAMUD, Khashchevate, Podolia, Ukraine/Russia

There is an uncomplete list of the victims of terror in USSR.
Searchable by name. Plenty of jewish names.
Automatically translated by Google.

Vladimir Salita
Bowie, MD

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