Russian census record question #latvia

Pavel Bernshtam

I found a record in All Latvia database which may be corresponds to my

This is a record for Fixmann family, however I have a number of questions

Place of origin is "Anishishki, Kovno d., Kovno pr. " , while
birthplace is "Rakishki, Novo-Alexandrovsk d., Kovno pr. "
What is the difference between "place of origin" and "Birthplace" in
terms of this census?

What is the correct and current name of Anishishki and Rakishki?

Is there a chance that ages in the census are incorrect? According to
the census Leib Fixmann is 1857 birth year, but my when relative
immigrated to UK he wrote 1852 as a birth year.

Thank you!

Pavel Bernshtam, Software Architect, Cadence Design Systems

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