Complete "Churbn Lettland" book, English translation, now available #latvia



Re "The Jews of Latvia/Churbn Lettland: The Destruction of the Jews of
Latvia" book written by survivor Max Kaufmann in 1947:
All but a very small portion of the English translation of this book is now
online at the Museum. The full edition should be online within the week. You
can read it now at .
Simply click on the word “here” on the page to arrive at the book's Table of
Contents. Please note that many of the exhibition’s URLs have changed, so
please use the links in the new Table of Contents page to arrive at the page
or section you wish to read.
Please note that mention is made of transports of Jews >from Kovno and Vilna
are mentioned in the book.
If you haven't already, please visit "The Jews of Latvia" at .


Steven Lasky
New York

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