how to get up to date bmd's #latvia


Hello Latvian Siggers,

I would like to find out if there are any relevant Latvian birth, marriage
or death records, but only >from 1957 up to 2009.

Please can you tell me:

* the full name and all contact details of the office/s (website, email,
postal address, phone),

* if in your experience one can purchase certificates for relatives that are
pretty recent or if there are any data protection clauses that would prevent
me >from requesting recent ones,

* if it is possible for the Latvian office to carry out searches if I don't
have the year,

* how much the searches are,

* how much it is to buy one certificate,

*if you don't live in Latvia what methods of payment there are.

Many thanks

Bea Shiel (London) blspabas@...
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