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A. E. Jordan

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The interesting thing is,
both of her parents and her older siblings were born in Plunge,
Lithuania, where the REST family had reportedly lived since the mid
1600s or early 1700s.

I don't think it is entirely uncommon to find Kurlanders of German
background coming >from Lithuania. Has anyone else found traces of their roots
coming via Lithuania? One of my branches in Kurland comes via Lithuania while
the others I cane get back into the 1700s in Pilten or Kurland before the
trail stops.

Has anyone worked on the history to see if the German origins got into
Lithuania and why/when some of them migrated north into Kurland? I assume
maybe the Kurlanders were a bit more tolerant at some point of the German
Jews? My branch went >from Lithuania to the Talsen area in the mid-1800s.


Allan Jordan

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