Re: Riga (Germany as country of origin) #general


Dear Genners,

a part of my maternal ancestors (family of the Councillor of State and Knight
Dr. med. Philipp ben Isaak KEILMANN, son of the forwarding agent/carrier Isaak
ben Feibus KEILMANN and Jette HINDE, nee COHN) were living in Riga. The Kurlaender
were all fealing as Germans, they all spokes german language (speciall
german-baltic dialect) and they were Maskilim (members of the Haskala). My
great-greatgrandfather Philipp, as a member of the Riga Kahal and Officials for
Jewish Affairs by the Russian Gouverneur General Priince Paul BAGRATION was
fighting against the dominance of the russian speaking Jewish Community in Riga,
specially against the Rabbi PUPINJANSKY, who wanted the dominance of the russian
language. The Courlaender were all feeling as German, mostly comming in the 17th
century >from the Great Dutchy of Polish-Lithuania.


Robert Dupuis, Berlin, Germany
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