Question regarding Rabinati records in Raduraksti #latvia



I am trying to find the birth Record of Rachel Rosen (Rasin, Raisen,
Raichin, etc.),
who is an ancestor of my son.

According to some of her descendants, she was born in Dvinsk, in present
Latvia. According to her gravestone she was born on May 20, 1887, but
records propose it to be in 1877. However, 1887 is the most likely year I
believe. I have
been searching jewishgen Latvia database in any imaginable way with
different spelling etc.
But so far to no avail.

I recently discovered the Raduraksti rabinati records, and have tried to
sense om the contents of birth records >from Dvinsk >from 1887. However, I
am somewhat
challenged on the cyrillic - to say the least ;-) I therefore have a
couple of questions
I hope somebody on this list is able to answer:

1. Is the contents of the Raduraksti Rabinati records expected to have
the information
I seek ?

2. If yes, is the contents of Raduraksti Rabinati records already indexed
to show up
in a search in the jewisgen Latvia database ? I would hate to use a
lot of time on
something that has no meaning.

3. If I should try to sift through the 1887 birth records >from the
Raduraksti Rabinati I wonder
if anyone can give me a translation of the cyrillic text in the column
headings of the pages ?

Best regards,

Jan Thomsen
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