Digitized Latvian Newspapers #latvia

Marion Werle <werle@...>

To take Bruce's posting farther (I have used this website before), once you
display the article, there are tabs across the top (Download PDF, Print,
etc.). If you select "Text View", you can copy and paste it into Google
translator and get an approximation of what the article is about.

Marion Werle
North Hills, CA

From: Bruce Dumes <brucedumes@dumes.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 17:02:48 -0700

Sorry if this is old news, but it is new news to me. The national
digital library of Latvia has searchable digitized versions of a number
of historical Latvian newspapers online. Most are in Latvian, 1 or 2
are in Russian.


The search tool works pretty well, and wisely ignores grammatical
endings, so a search may be successful even if you haven't used the
exact spelling of the word. Of course, whenever you are searching
text which has a digital image as the source, you can expect plenty
of errors. But it's a start!

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