In Search of Shneur ZALMAN #latvia

Marcella S

I have a brickwall with my husband's maternal grandfather's family
They came to South Africa where, I believe the last names were all
changed to Mayers, Schneiderman, Snider, Sniders
I am told the patriarch of this family was named Shneur Zalman (sp?)
and their home was Ilust near Darvipils Courland - although a set
of naturalization papers I have for one of the sons, Harry Mayers
indicates Liepaja as his place of birth.

Has anyone heard of Ilust?
Is anyone researching this family by some vague chance.
I'm not sure how or where to start looking since I am unable to find
any of the descendants in South Africa - one of them Leopold Snider
pops up on Google but I can't get any further.

Any comments, help would be great.
Marcella Shames

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