Re: Sabile. Birth records from 1868 to 1869. Death records from 1872... #latvia

A. E. Jordan

Looking at all the wonderful information Christine is posting and I am
wondering in the translations could it be possible that Gordon and Jordan are
the same and just a matter of interpretation in the translations?

Man years ago I got records >from the Archives in Lativa on the Jordan
family and now I see what appears to be matches on Christine's tables but
instead of saying Jordan it is saying Gordon. In the latest birth tables I see
a Markus Gordon who would/should be my grandfather's brother and I see a
cousin Rokha Gordon. If these are the right people both used Jordan as their
surname not Gordon. I am told in the old country they pronounced it

Also if I am correct the fathers of these two children were brothers. For
both the Father's Patronymic is listed as Leib. The older son was Wolf
and the younger was Shaya.

As I say everthing except the Gordon is an exact match to what I believe.


Allan Jordan

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