Re: Bailen #latvia

Michael Moz

There are two records about the burth of two brothers of Israel Beilin.
You can see details at Cristine's site:

1. Aron Beilin, born 05 Aug 1890

2. Meylach (Melekh) Beilin, born 08 Oct 1892

There is also birth record of another brother, Abram-Isaak born 09 May 1891 but since he is not listed in 1897 census he must have died as infant.

As I wrote in my previous message, Iosel Beilin (Israel's father) was born and was registered in Mstislavl in 1853 or 1854.
According to Miriam Weiner's site ( the 1858 revision list for this town have survived and are stored in NATIONAL HISTORICAL ARCHIVES OF BELARUS IN MINSK. It means that Iosel Beilin's family must be listed there.

You may try to found more information in that archive (I have no idea how much it may cost).

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