Liza and Sara nee Voikhansky #latvia


Shalom to you,

I try to trace information about two relatives of mine, the sisters
Voikhansky >from Vitebsk. One sister was Liza Voikahsnky or Voichansky,
Woichansky ... who immigrated to Canada around 1905 and lived probably in
Toronto area, but I still do not know her second name after marriage.
Her sister Sara Voikhansky came to the USA in 1905 and lived in Boston and
also I do not know her second name after marriage. The Sisters were the
daughters of Chaiim Beer Voikhansky (my great grandfather) and I dont know
his wife's name (my great grandmother) . The only thing that I know is that
Sara got married to a Russian Jew who lived in the USA. I don't know if
they have got married in Vitebsk and then moved to the USA or they have got
married in the USA? This new information I have got >from my Cousin who lives
in Samara Russia.

Later came to America 2 other sisters, Rosa and Bassia Voikhansky may be
around 1918-1920. Rosa and Basia were born in 1892 and I think that they
were twins.

They have sent letters to the relatives in Samara until 1953 but then they
stooped sending because they were afraid of the Communist regime.
In Vitebsk they lived in the house of my great grandfather Haim Ber
Voikhansky : 2 Slobodskay Lane/ number -11.

All of the family were tanners and had tanneries in Vitebsk and in Riga,
Latvia. They lived in the same house as Semion (who was born in 1881) the
son of Haim with his wife Bella Abramovna and their 2 children Yeruchim and
Shifra, sister - a widow Lana Shapiro (nee Voikhansky) with her 2 children
and 2 twin sisters Rosa and Basia Voikhansky, who were born in 1892. Perhaps
Haim Ber had other children? Therefore any information about the sisters
will be relevant for me.

Thank you very much and

Dror Vaikhansky

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