Database inclusions #latvia

Arlene Beare

I was really disappointed to read the message sent by Howard Margol. He has
created a Business model for the collection of funds so that the Litvak SIG
can pay translators.

The data that is translated can immediately be viewed by members who have
paid for that particular District. It may take many years before all members
can view the data on Jewishgen which means a few members who can afford
to pay are privileged.

The work done on behalf of Latvia SIG is done by a small handful of people.
We rely on membership subscriptions and donations.

All data we translate is immediately put on to Jewishgen where it can be

We would not have the Index at all if we had included the children as it
would have taken years and in any event we did not have the money to pay for

Furthermore we rely on the Archivists who are very pressed with work and
they were not at all agreeable to translating the database if children were
to be included.

The work of getting this database completed was done by me and the
Archivists and nobody else. It has taken many years to get it done and
over 18,000 names are a lot of names.

I think members would rather have a complete Index of names than no names at
all and as I have pointed out once you have the names you can pursue your research
on the Raduraksti site and Christine's site.

Arlene Beare UK

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