Jewish Soldiers Who Died in Defense of Leningrad #latvia

Marilyn Robinson

This information is found alphabetically listed on a Russian language
site at:


The soldiers are >from throughout the USSR and other areas, including Latvia.

In addition to the alphabetical lists, there is a link to the Book of Memory of
the Latvian Association of Jewish Veterans.

It includes birth/death years, place of origin, position in the armed
services, some places of burial, where records are located. A search box
is available.

A few names are: Aizikovich, Beytler, Wang, Vapne, Vertlib, Guelman, Gutia, Bailey,
Bekerman, Belenkiy, Belkin, Belotserkovsky, Ber, Abramovich, Averbukh, Avrin, Agrainoff,
Eisenstadt, Axel, Axelrod, Allot, Vladovsky/Vlodavsky, Schneider, Darling, Miller, Milutin,
Zharovsky, Chudnovsky, et al.

Use an online translator such as Bing translator ( if needed.

Marilyn Robinson

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