Re: Moses BENJAMINSOHN from Goldingen/Libau #courland #latvia

Ann Rabinowitz

There is a resource that Eric Benjaminson can utilize to perhaps
locate his great grandfather Moses Benjaminson which I had previously
posted about. It is the 1916 Libau Calendar which provides the names
of property owners:
[or --Mod.]

Unfortunately, it is organized by street and not alphabetically by
owner's name. In that case, you would have to look through the entire
list unless you knew a property address.

You can also look at other people's family trees on . . .
there is one that states Moses Benjaminson died in 1888.

There is also an arrival record in Quebec for a Benjaminson family in
1901 and one of their children is Moses who is one year old.

Good luck!

Ann Rabinowitz

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