where were the german high command quartered in Riga? #latvia


Hello All

I am hopeing one or more of the researchers for Latvia and Riga
may know where the billeting records are for the commanders in Riga,
particularly in the period of initial occupation in the summer of
1941 until at least mid year 1943.

More specifically, I would like to document the residence for the
Generals who were in this time, the Commander of Police for Ostland.
The first commander was Hans-Adolf Pruetzmann during the initial
occupation. After his failure to begin the liquidation of the Riga
Jews, General Jeckeln, fresh >from his success at Babi Yar, was
brought in to get the job done...which he expertly did on Nov 30 and
Dec 8, all but liquidating the Riga Ghetto and various transports
from Berlin et al arriving during the killing spree. On those two
days more than 24,000 Jews lost their lives.

We believe both Pruetzmann and Jeckeln lived in our family house on
Meza Prospekt. We would like to document where they lived during
their sojourn in Riga. We know, the housekeeper to the family was
given charge of the 4 year old daughter of our relatives. But she
revealed her name to the General when, after seeing her, he asked her
name. Her answer was her death warrant.

Any help in regard to finding the records for quartering/billeting
these two commanders would be very appreciated.

Wishing you all a good winter season.


Joe Gerber Glass

I think any response should be public, given others may also want
to connect with any location lists that pinpoint a relationship
between a facilitator of the murders and their immediate family.
So, any response, might well be a public service to the community
of researchers. The listserve manager can decide.

MODERATOR NOTE: Responses with source information will be considered
for posting. Responses with only specifics about Joe's family should
be sent privately.

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