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Avraham (Shneur Zalman) SHNIDERMAN /Shneiderman/Sniderman/ any spelling

born abt 1842

Iluxste Illuxst

Two Wives - I believe with children as follows:

#1 Wife ?

1. Sheina abt 1873
2. Meyer Hirsch (Harry) abt 1882
much later last name became MAYERS
3. Rachel Hinda abt 1883
4. Leopold abt 1889
much later last name became SNIDER
5. Marie abt 1889/1900
6. Annie abt 1893

3 other children

#2 Wife ?

3 children

then daughter Rosa abt 1908

All or many of children left Latvia and went to London (maybe
Lithuania first - area around Rokiskis) - Miles End for a few
years then to South Africa by about 1906


Marcella SHAMES

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