Note of Introduction #latvia

Victor Weisskopf

Hi Latvia-Siggers, I'm writing to introduce myself as a new member,
Vic WEISSKOPF, J-G Research 120906.

Have been doing family history research for nearly thirty years and
consider myself an advanced computer user.

Our link to Latvia is through Kurland: my great grandfather, William
LAZARUS and his wife Ellena LEVINSON MYAR LAZARUS arrived in Camden,
Arkansas (in the southeastern part of that state) in 1858 or '59, and
in time for the Federal Census of 1860. Several other LAZARUS
individuals took up residence there, too, as well as members of the
MYAR family who were related through blood and marriage.

William's first son was my grandfather Cyrus LAZARUS, who was born in
Goldingen, Kurland, and a toddler on arrival in the USA. After Ellena's
death, William LAZARUS remarried Hannah BRAUNSTEIN and had two more
children, Emma and Joseph William LAZARUS. Cyrus LAZARUS lived between
1869 and 1874 in the New Orleans Widows' & Orphans Home.

William LAZARUS died and was buried in St. Louis, MO in 1874, but
there's no indication as to why he was there or not brought back to

I have established memorial pages for many of these individuals on

Would like to hear >from anyone regarding the above families, locations,
and Kurland in general.

Victor C WEISSKOPF Skokie, IL

in Germany, Bohemia, Kurland, and USA

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