Deciphering Raduraksti record #latvia



I recently joined this SIG group. I found a death record in the
Raduraksti website. I was aware of the translated record on
JewishGen. I think this man was my ggf. There were at least 3 men
with the same name in his shtetl. He was >from Ponidel, Lithuania, and
died in Bauska. I found the handwritten record in both Russian and
Hebrew. When I enlarge the font to read the Hebrew, I lose clarity and
cannot read the writing. I cannot even read the typewritten titles of
the columns.

1) Does anyone have any recommendations on how to obtain a clearer,
legible copy?
2) Is there a Jewish cemetery in Bauska? Are their legible headstones?

This is my ggf's information: His name was Feivish Reuven Zelbovich
the son of Leib. The Raudraksti website lists the name Rubin
Zelbovich, son of Leib. He died November 24, 1897
LVVA Record # M20
FOND 4348
Aprakst [List] 2
Lieta 12
Image 14

Thank you for your help.

Michele Zell Kanter

GREENBERG - Khomne Brod, Ukraine
KARLIK, LAVINTMAN - Kitay Gorod, Ukraine
ZELBOVICH, ZILBER - Ponidel, Lithuania
KORB, LEVIN - Skopishok, Lithuania

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