Help finding ship manifest and birth/marriage records #latvia

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

My mother's father's father was Israel Cohen, who was married to Rose
(House/Haus) Cohen. They had a son, David Cohen. All three were
born in Russia.

According to the 1920 US Census for Boston, the census taker noted
Riga as the location in Russia where all three were born.

It also notes Israel is 44 years old, Rose is 39, and son David is 20.

The 1910 Boston census is the earliest census that shows their
arrival, and notes Israel as a Tailor. My mom confirms Israel was a
tailor in Malden, Massachusetts.

No search I have tried on ancestry has resulted in any ship manifest
reflecting these facts.

A separate discovery of Latvia, Riga searching offered by
for marriages shows no matches for Israel or Rose (aka Ruchel by my

It also appears that uses the jri-poland database, which
I've used extensively with no good matches, either.

I have returned to trying the Latvia search which keeps timing out on
me as I type this.

According to the 1920 census, Israel and Rose were born around 1875 -
1880 or so, and son David born about 1899 - 1901. My grandfather,
Samuel House Cohen, who is David's next younger brother, was born in
Boston, MA in 1903.

Israel's US citizenship form reports he, Rose, and David arrived in
the US via Bremen, Germany on November 1900 on the Patricia. No
good hits on nor has
been of limited help.

Where else can I search next for ship manifests and recorded history
of when/where David was born and Israel and Rose married? At least as
a start.

I am also working my family history with select genealogy groups on Facebook.

Thank you all.

Scott Ehrlich -

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