Re: Current street names in Riga, Latvia #latvia

Alison Greengard

My family and I are planning a heritage trip to Latvia and
Lithuania in 2015. Would anyone know if these street names
and addresses still exist in Riga?

Dynaburgskaya 41
Yaroslavskaya 3
Kurmanovskaya 12
Sadovnikovskaya 21

Thank you so much.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

ARON/AARONS in Riga, Latvia; Uzventis, Lithuania; and Philadelphia, PA, USA.
GREENGARD in Virbalis, Lithuania
WEBER in Kosice, Slovakia
NEUMANN in Leszno, Poland
KOZMINSKI in Kepno, Poland
ARON in Phalsbourg, France and New Orleans, LA, USA

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