Pachter - Bransk, Poland #poland

tina levine

I came across the names of several persons with my
maiden name, Pachter,>from the town of Bransk. Bransk
was located 20 miles north of my Pachter ancestral
town, Siemiatycze. The names were listed in a book
written by Elchanan Mann entitled Nir L'Bransk, 2001.

I am trying to find any descendants or relatives of
these people who might have left Bransk before WWII.

The names of these persons listed were:
Isaac, Benyamin, Beryl, Yaakov, Ethel, Lipa, Shlomo,
Mordechai, Perel, Asher, Leah

I am also trying to get in touch with Elchanan Mann,
the author. He resides in Israel.

If anyone has any information please contact me.

Tina Pachter Levine

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