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Hello Everyone

My second cousin once removed, Guido Gerber, was born in Riga in
1924. He was a very talented young artist whose work was published
in 1934 in a short lived newspaper called "Europa-Ost". Via his
Mother's side, he was a cousin to the Shamir brothers, well known
graphic artists in Israel and the creators of the various icons
representing the State of Israel today. A single drawing of his
exists, sent to his cousins on the back of a letter to them. In
1941 Guido was murdered along with most of Riga's Jewish population,
and what remained of the Gerber family in Riga.

The newspaper itself has an interesting history and was founded and
edited by Frederick R. Lachman, a refugee >from Germany, shortly after
the night of broken glass in 1933.

After a few years of searching I have discovered F.R. Lachman donated
his copies of "Europa-Ost" to the National Library of Israel.

If there is a member of this list (in Israel), who might have the time
and interest to contact the library, I am interested in accomplishing
the following: Creation of quality digital copies of the existing
issues of "Europa-Ost" via either scanning or simply taking a picture
of each page with a decent digital camera (even better if mounted on a
tri-pod over the document). It should not be an expensive undertaking
other than your time. We can of course discuss any out of pocket
expenses to you and how we can reimburse them. There were only a few
issues published, and I presume not many pages in each.

This would be a great favor not only to the Gerber family and his
Mother's family, but certainly to the memory of this talented innocent
young boy. Should the scans be of sufficient quality, and with
permission >from the NLI, we would donate copies of this newspaper to
various other archives for present and future researchers who may be

Thank you very kindly in advance to anyone interested in taking part
in this little project.

For library and catalog information, and for any questions, please
respond privately via email.

Thanks again.

Joe Gerber Glass

GLASS/GERBER/ZUSMAN/FIRKS Latvia/Riga Moscow/Siberia
East Prussia Warsaw/Szrensk/Bobruisk/Plock/Memel

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