Re: Migration patterns from Lithuania to Latvia #latvia

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Cousins,
I would be interested in whatever people have learned. My only thought here
is that Lithuania is land-locked and Courland/Latvia had a port, so maybe
people migrated so that they could have access to ships. Other than that, I
know that my Edelberg family (paternal grandmother's) went >from Courland to
the Southern Ukraine (Kherson Guberniya) in 1840 while some of the family
stayed in Courland. Also my paternal grandfather's family came >from Odessa
to the US, and there is some DNA evidence that this family may have
originated in Lithuania. Since my paternal grandmother was sent to my
paternal grandfather's family in 1913 when she came to the US, this
indicates that the families had known each other in the old country. For
how long and when and where the families knew each other I do not know.
Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown TX 78633
Searching: Hite/Khait/Chait, Edelberg, Perchik, Birgardovsky (all paternal)
and others

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