Re: Migration patterns from Lithuania to Latvia #latvia

Ann Rabinowitz

The borders between Lithuania and Latvia were quite porous in the time
when our ancestors lived there and there was much crossing back and
forth especially in the towns near the border. There were many reasons
for this migration, primary amongst them marriage, economic opportunity,
illnesses and natural disasters, primarily flooding and fires.

I would suggest that when you are researching this topic that you make a
chronology. In fact, if you go to the following site for Kaunas you can
easily note many of the problems that the town had during the time your
family lived there:

The newspapers of the day can also provide you with some indication of
possible reasons for familial departure and these can be found on,, and other sites which provide possible
documentation of aid given to sufferers of disasters such as the Joint.

An example of why someone would move is the natural disaster of flooding
which Latvia and Lithuania suffered >from quite a number of times in the
spring of the year. For instance, there was a monumental flood in 1888
and another one in 1931 which affected both countries and caused
numerous towns to be submerged, especially Kaunas which had 300 houses
submerged. As a result, many families found they lost their homes and
businesses and they then moved to other dryer places.

In a few days, I will discuss this topic further and be continuing my
series of "Cycle of Life" which you can find posted on the JewishGen Blog
with an additional posting which will be on Facebook. Sorry, I cannot
post on this digest as the verbiage will be too long.

Ann Rabinowitz

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