Yizkor Book Project, July 2017 #latvia



I believe that in the realm of completing projects, the Yizkor Book
Project is definitely "on a roll". Again this month, I'm pleased to
inform you that two additional projects are now totally online. They

- Bender, Moldova (Bendery Community Yizkor Book) is a project which
exemplifies how dedication to a goal, yields results. This project was
coordinated over the years by Gloria (Schwartzman) Green and most ably
and voluntarily translated by Ala Gamulka, who apart >from translating
this entire book has prepared numerous translations for the YB Project.
We thank these good people for this notable and wonderful achievement.

- Brody, Ukraine (An Eternal Light: Brody in Memoriam) which was
coordinated by Moshe Kutten, who took on the lofty goal of singly-
handling the translation a large proportion of this book in order to
complete it. He was kindly assisted in the field of editing by
Yocheved Klausner and Rafi Manory, and to them all, we owe our debt
of gratitude.

Another event that took place in July was the publishing of yet
another book by the Yizkor Books in Print Project - "Brichah (Hebrew
for Escape or Flight)" . The book was edited by William Leibner and
he has utilized his research and own personal experience, to present
this book about the struggle of the Holocaust survivors to reach
Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel, after the
war. We do thank William for sharing with us the many books he has
edited over the years and wish him many years of fruitful activity.

In the realm of new projects, I would also like to note the following:

- Galicia (Jewish Genocide in Galicia) This is not the first entire
book that has been generously donated to the YB Project by Dr. Robin
O'Neil, a former British police major crimes investigator, who used
his special knowledge and experience to investigate Nazi war crimes.
His distinct insight into these tragic events can now be read freely
online and we do thank Dr. O'Neil for his multiple contributions to
the YB Project .

- Kherson, Ukraine (Jewish Farmers in Russia Fields) - This is a
particularly unique book which presents a chapter of life in the
Jewish agricultural settlements in the Kherson region during the
troubled Tsarist period. The settlements were eventually destroyed by
the Nazis but the survivors of them continued their utilized their
knowhow in their participation in farming settlements in Israel. The
insuppressible, Moshe Kutten, has taken on the translation of this
book and we thank him for this welcome initiative and addition.

In regards an existing project, I am both pleased and grateful to Rabbi
Shalom Bronstein for this completion of the extremely informative list
of Jewish partisans that was extracted >from the "Biographical
Dictionary of Jewish Resistance". Those linking into this project will
certainly be amazed by the wealth of personal details available and we
do thank Rabbi Bronstein for the time and effort required to prepare
such an intricate list.

Finally, I would like to note an important collaboration which has
been established between the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource
Center in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Yizkor
Book Project. The center has generously offered to index books
published by our Yizkor books in Print Project and has carried out the
initial indexing of names of the first book of this kind - "Blood
Stained Feathers". Please note this book's index and all future indexes
will be available at:


We do appreciate the HSV center for taking on the indexing of the books,
which will provide a beneficial resource for many researchers.

And now for details of all the updates and additions that were carried
out in the Yizkor Book Project in July.

We have added in 3 new books:

- Galicia (Jewish Genocide in Galicia)

- Kherson, Ukraine (Jewish Farmers in Russian Fields)

- Neheim-Husten, Germany (The History and fate of the Jewish citizens
from Neheim and Husten)

And we have continued to update 24 of our existing projects:

- Bender, Moldova (Bendery Community Yizkor Book)

- Berehove, Ukraine (The Jews of Berehovo - Beregszasz in pictures)

- Biala Podlaska, Poland (Book of Biala Podlaska)

- Biographical Dictionary of Jewish Resistance

- Brody, Ukraine (An Eternal Light: Brody in Memoriam)

- Chelm, Poland (Commemoration book Chelm)

- Chisinau, Moldova (The Jews of Kishinev)

- Czestochowa, Poland (The Jews of Czestochowa)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Dubno, Ukraine (Dubno; a Memorial to the Jewish community of Dubno,
Wolyn) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/dubno/dubno.html

- Dieveniskis, Lithuania (Devenishki book; memorial book)

- Jedrzejow, Poland (Wyszkow Book)

- Korets, Ukraine (The Korets book; in memory of our community that is
no more) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Korets/Korets.html

- Karelichy, Belarus (Korelitz, the life and destruction of a Jewish
community) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Korelicze/Korelicze.html

- Krasnobrod, Poland (Krasnobrod; a Memorial to the Jewish community)

- Miechow, Charsznica & Ksiaz, Poland (Miechov Memorial Book,
Charsznica and Ksiaz)

- Minsk, Belarus (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City, a memorial anthology)

- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland (Memorial book of Nowy-Dwor)
http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Nowy_Dwor/Nowy_Dworp.html [Polish]

- Ozarow, Poland (Memories of Ozarow)

- Przedborz, Poland (Przedborz Memorial Book: 33 Years Since the
Destruction of the Jewish Community)

- Sanok, Poland (Memorial Book of Sanok and Vicinity)

- Slutsk, Belarus (Slutsk and vicinity memorial book)

- Suwalki, Poland (Memorial book of Suvalk)

- Wyszkow, Poland (Wyszkow Book)

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at
to make it easy to find them.
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations go

All the best,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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