A photo from 1938 I have posted on ViewMate #latvia

שלמה לוין <salomon11@...>

My family name is Levin and I have posted a photo on ViewMate at the
following address:
The photo was taken at Riga cemetery on 1938 with some members of my
family that were later murdered at Riga Ghetto. On the photo standing from
right to left the boy Ossy (Oscar), his mom Klara Stahl (maiden name Levin)
and her father Haim Levin who is my Grandfather. The tombstone is of Haim
Levin's spouse Braina ,my Grand Mother, who died on 1931.
I am interested to know if someone knows anything about this family or
branches of this family. Other children of Haim Levin: were Michael, Hirsh,
Oscar,Hana Klienstein (maiden name Levin)
Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you very much,
Shlomo Levin

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