Raduraksti lookup #latvia

Jennifer Mendelsohn <jennifer@...>

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone was able to do a lookup for me.

Itzig HIRSHOWICH and Hanna/Hena AGAT are listed on the Bauska Jewish
family list in 1874 with an infant child, born in February 1874. Itzig
is listed as being 23, she 22, so I am assuming they likely were married
not too long before, and definitely not before about May of 1873.

I unfortunately cannot read Hebrew or Russian. Would anyone be able to
peruse the first few pages of 1873 marriages to see if they are listed?
Or perhaps even 1872? I would be so grateful. I am trying to see if
Itzig's mother's maiden name is recorded anywhere. Her first name was
Scheine; his father was Yehoshua.

Thank you!
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Searching Mendelsohn, Hirschowitz, Chanenson, Scheer, from

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