GOLDIN, Dvinsk-->New York #latvia


Hello fellow genners,

I am on a hunt for information about my husband's GOLDIN family >from
Dvinsk. >from Ancestry I have developed bits and pieces of Goldin
families. I have also reached out to posters on FTJP with family
from Dvinsk but so far no connections. My husband has been DNA
tested and results uploaded to FTDNA, MyHeritage and gedmatch >from

This is what I know:
My husband's grandfather Samuel/Schmelke Goldin was born in Dvinsk in
1891 and came to NY in 1912. He was a baker/owner of the G and R
Bakery in the Bronx, NY until his death in 1945. His parents were
Pinchus Goldin and Chana Ruchel Fisher/Fischer who never came to the
US. He married Rose Katz.

If you have any ideas about where else I could look or information
that might help I would really appreciate hearing >from you.

Marge Goldin
Dix Hills, NY

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