Holocaust documentary, Talsi book question #latvia


I just finished watching a documentary forwarded to me by a cousin in Israel
about the Holocaust in Latvia. It's quite good and I'd like to recommend it
here - https://youtu.be/KBANKlgBaoE
One of the people interviewed has apparently written a book in Latvian about
the Jews of Talsi. It's called "Talsi Jews" (or "Talsu ebreji"), by Antra
Grube. Has anyone seen this book? I looked online to try to find it and
it's only listed in two academic libraries on WorldCat, and I think
available for purchase via a Latvian website, but I'm not confident in the
translation of the website. Of course, it's in Latvian, so would need to be
translated for the rest of us. Just curious if anyone had heard of it or
seen it.

Betsy Thal Gephart

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