need advice on upcoming trip to Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Bessarabia #latvia

Leah Kushner

Hi Fellow Latvians

I am new to the group. I need some advice and assistance. I am
working on my genealogy family tree. It turns out all 3 of my
grandparents are >from different parts of Russia. I happen to be going
to Eastern Europe next April and am planning visit the shtetl's of all
my grandparents. I need assistance. I have never been to Russia. Has
anyone gone or knows anyone who has?

I am looking for a guide familiar with Jewish Russia. I will be
going to: (Latvia, Moldova, Belarus, Bessarabia).

I am also looking for resources so I can best uncover my family
story before I arrive.

My paternal grandfather was >from Latvia. His immigration paperwork
indicated he was born in Donneburg and other times it was Donneberg
and another time Dunaberg.

Nathan Kushner (spelled a variety of ways) , my grandfather, was born
in Donnenberg or Donneburg Dunaberg, Dinaburg I believe in Daugavpils
Latvia in 1890-1959. His parents are Morris Kushner 1862-1927 and
Chaya Leah (Ida) Shvei Swacy 1863-1926. There were children: Bertha
1888, Zhakarie 1890, Lena 1893-1970, Anna 1894, Max 1898-1980, Amelia
1903-1989. They immigrated in 1892 and lived in the Bronx. I have
been able to find some of his siblings and their children living in
the United States. He died in Providence Rhode Island. He was a
strong labor leader in the garment industry, was the President of the
New England Chapter with the AFL-CIO ( I have his pin) and I also have
his Hebrew pocket watch and his tallus and his old camera. I
understand >from my dad that there was family living in Russia.

I would like to know more about the shtetl especially during this time
period but also after they left.

How could I found out about family that remained? I would like more in
depth history of the Jews in that area, during the pogroms and what
life was like for the Jews then, during WW2 and even now? What kind I
expect when I arrive, the sentiment of the local community now? What
documentation and resources are available to track my family? Has
anyone visited or know anyone who has? Does anyone have any referrals
for guides to help me in this journey?

Leah Kushner
born in Philadelphia, PA living in California.

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