Seeking Moses JEWELSOHN / YEVELSON son of Hirsch from Riga #latvia

Orit Lavi

Dear Friends,

Moses JEWELSOHN (various spellings) was born in Riga in 1901, to Hirsch and
Chava. In 1921 he immigrated to Palestine, as did his parents, and some of
his siblings.
Other siblings remained in Riga, or immigrated to the USA and to Brazil.

Moses (Moisi, Moshe)'s fate is unknown since the 1920s. Any info about him
would be highly appreciated.

In addition, the father Hirsch JEWELSOHN / YEVELSON was widowed in Palestine
in 1928. Following that, I lost track of him.
He was born in Riga ca. 1864 to Shalom (Scholom). Any info about his fate
would also be most welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Orit Lavi
Tsukey Yam, Israel

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