Re: Origin of Latvian Jews #latvia

E. Randol Schoenberg

Sorry, Alex, but your story is very consistent with the ones that
were made up in the late 19th century. It may be true, but you need
more than a recent (last 100 years) family story, because the legend
of Sephardic origin was the "fake news" of the late 1800s. People
loved the story so much they shared it over and over again until
everyone believed it.

Maybe you can be the one to prove it is true? But you'll need more
than the family story. I'd like to see what the folks in Riga based
their opinion on. There is a whole Facebook group devoted to
Sephardic, especially European Sephardic, genealogy and documentation.
See With only a
couple of of rare, documented exceptions, there is no evidence of any
documented Sephardic Jews in north-eastern Europe.

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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