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Lisa Liel

Hi Alan,

Actually, that's a common mistake.  Nusach Sfard is actually the
Hassidic tradition.  Actually Sfardim don't accept it.

My paternal line was >from Belarus, but a persistant family tradition
says that they got there >from Spain.  Yet that side of the family is
extremely pale.  My maternal line (or half of it) came >from Latvia
(Mitau, Courland), and there's a lot of pretty dark skin there.  One of
my sisters and one of my nieces have been mistaken for Yemenite because
of it.

Lisa Liel

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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2019 06:50:27 -0400

I have been told that my paternal grandfather's siddur (prayer book) was
"Nusach Spharad" -i.e. - in the Sphardi tradition. Many of my cousins have
quite dark complexions, and could easily pass for Sephardi Jews. Our family
on that side was >from Khozangorodok, a shtetl near Pinsk, though we have no
idea how we landed up there.
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