Post-1909 marriage records #latvia

GEORGE MASON <gmason3815@...>

My father's parents were Samuel Mozeson, >from Warsaw, and Lili
Nathanson, >from Riga. I assume that they were married in Riga since,
traditionally, the wedding takes place where the bride lives. My
father was born in Warsaw in April of 1913, so I assume his parents
got married some time between 1909 and 1912. I understand that access
to post-1909 marriage records is difficult - assuming that such
records have survived. So, how do I go about applying to see if a
post-1909 Mozeson-Nathanson Riga marriage record exists? What proof
is required of me?

Also, would there have been a marriage announcement in the Riga papers
of that time? Lilli Nathanson's father was Max [Jankel Mowsha]
Nathanson, a merchant of the First Guild in the pre-WW1 Pale of
Settlement. He may have lived at #8 Greshnaya iela at the time of his
daughter's marriage. He was co-owner of the Nathanson & Bernheim
Department Store at Sunderstrasse/Grecinieku 8, and possibly had other
stores at Karlines 17-15 and Brivibas 93-29. If there was a marriage
announcement in a Riga newspaper some time between 1909 and 1912, how
would I go about finding it?

Thank you for any assistance,
George Mason
Researching NATHANSON in Riga, Latvia and Plunge and Telsiai, Lithuania
and MOZESON in Vilkaviskis and Kovno/Kaunas, Lithuania and Warsaw, Poland

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