Post 1909 Marriage records #latvia

GEORGE MASON <gmason3815@...>

Thank you, Arlene, for the information you shared with me. I did a
search of the Jewish Gen Riga Tax Administration List (Fond 1384)
using the surname "Mosessohn" (Lithuanian spelling) rather than
"Mozeson" (Polish spelling) and came up with 10 identifiable ancestors !

Now, does this mean that I should be able to find more specific
information about these family members in current data bases or the
Latvian Archives, or does this mean that there once was more information
about them but it may or may not exist any longer?

Also, for clarification, back around 1909 - 1912, would people have
published marriage announcements in the local Riga papers? Is there a
specific newspaper that Jews were more likely to use for such

Thank you, again, for your help with my search.
George Mason

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