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Arlene Beare

Geoge It is a pleasure and thank you for your appreciation. If you
find records in the Database then they exist in the Archives and also
on the Raduraksit site.. Try exploring Jewishgen with the Unified
search which you find as the first option when you click on Databases
in the top menu. Then you can pick which hits to look at as there
will be hits in Poland Latvia Lithuania etc. I would look at all
the Latvia hits. As our families moved around a lot you cannot be
sure they not were >from another Country. Many Latvians were >from

The Archives can certainly confirm whether the data you have found is
indeed your family. They have told me that they did not marry in Riga.

The Vedomosti were the Daily Newspapers in Courland at that time and
the Latvia Database has records >from the Vedomosti. I am not sure about
newspapers in Riga and will need to check.

What were the Vedomosti? It is always wise to read what each Database
contains and I have copied you the opening paragraph for the Courland
Vedomosti Database. IF you click on the name of the Database then you
can read what it contains. Many researchers just do a search and
never read this important information .

Courland was a separate Gubernia (Province) of the Russian Empire >from
1797 to 1918, with its own provincial Government based at Mitau (now
Jelgava, Latvia). The Kurlyandskiya Gubernskiya Vedomosti, or
Kurlandische Gouvernements-Zeitung was the official newspaper published
every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the year >from 1852-1915. It
contained public announcements, reports of Court cases, "wanted" lists
of people sought by the authorities, details of arrivals in and
departures >from Courland, lists of appointments to various public
bodies, together with a small number of private announcements and

Good luck with your search

Arlene Beare UK

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Sent: 28 December 2019 14:37
Thank you, Arlene, for the information you shared with me. I did a
search of the Jewish Gen Riga Tax Administration List (Fond 1384) using
the surname "Mosessohn" (Lithuanian spelling) rather than "Mozeson"
(Polish spelling) and came up with 10 identifiable ancestors !

Now, does this mean that I should be able to find more specific
information about these family members in current data bases or the
Latvian Archives, or does this mean that there once was more
information about them but it may or may not exist any longer?

Also, for clarification, back around 1909 - 1912, would people have
published marriage announcements in the local Riga papers? Is there a
specific newspaper that Jews were more likely to use for such

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